Sweet Bee specialises in Wedding cakes only.


How do I make an order?

When making an order the sooner the better.

To make an order you can either send a message using the online form on my contacts page or leave a message on the Sweet Bee facebook page.

I prefer a message to a phone call as I work full-time and am rarely on my phone and I also find it much easier to discuss details and pricing this way.


At least one to two weeks notice is required when making an order.

Photos of the style of cake you would like are very handy or a description of what you would like. Include the date of the event, how many people you wish to feed and what flavour you would like as well as if you require delivery or if you wish to pick up.


How much does it cost?

All my cakes are in inches in width and stand approximately 15-20cm tall.

The following are starting prices for buttercream cakes:

Mini Cake feeds approx 10 – $60

5″ feeds approx 15-20 – $100

6″ feeds approx 20-30 – $120

7″ feeds approx 30-40 – $140

8″ feeds approx 40-50 – $160

9″ feeds approx 60-70 – $180

Fondant cakes:

5″ – $120

6″ – $140

7″ – $160

8″ – $180

9″ – $200

The final cost depends on the complexity of the design, if any cake toppers or figurines need to be ordered.

Cash on pickup or bank transfer accepted.


What flavours do you make?

Chocolate Mudcake

White Chocolate

Caramel Mudcake



Red Velvet




Chocolate ganche

White Chocolate ganache

Choc – Caramel ganache

Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Salted Caramel Buttercream

Raspberry Buttercream

  • Fillings depend on the style and height of cake. Ganache sometimes has to be used as it is a lot more sturdy than buttercream and ganache is always used underneath fondant to create the best look.

What sweet treats do you make?

I can also make accompaniments for your cake.


Personalised fondant shortbread cookies start at $3.50 each

Iced cookies start at $3 each

Vanilla shortbread or chocolate shortbread flavours available



Basic cupcakes start at $4 each

Detailed cupcakes start at $4.50 each


Do you accomodate dietary requirements?

I can do gluten free, nut- free cakes but not vegan.

Please note that all cakes are made in the same kitchen that gluten and nuts are present.


Should I store my cake in the fridge before serving?

This depends on whether your cake is covered in buttercream or fondant.

Buttercream cakes should be stored in the fridge and taken out at least half an hour before serving to allow the buttercream to soften at room temp. This makes it a lot smoother and nicer to eat.

Fondant cakes are covered in a layer of ganache and then covered in fondant which seals in all the goodness! If fondant cakes are stored in the fridge and then put at room temperature they will begin to sweat. Fondant cakes are best kept at room temperature.


Whats the best way to travel with a cake?

Cakes should be placed on a flat surface, either in the boot of your car (only during cool months) or on floor of the passengers side, with the air conditioning on when travelling. Sometimes its easiest to bring a friend along who can hold it for you while you drive.

The cake comes in a box to keep it safe and make it easier to transport.


Do you deliver?

Free Delivery in Wagga Wagga!!

Surrounding areas :

1/2 hr – $65

1 hr – $125

2 hr – $250

I would recommend delivery for tiered wedding cakes as sometimes due to the number of tiers the easiest and safest way to transport the cake is in separate parts and stacking them at the event.